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Aine McCormack started The Irish in America blog in late 2009 to explore the experiences and stories of Irish immigrants in the United States. On a trip to Ireland earlier that year, Aine met a number of Irish people who expressed interest in what happened to relatives who emigrated to America. They wanted to know what their American relatives’ lives were like – where they went and what they did. These Irish were also curious if they might have long-lost American cousins.

Aine approaches the topic from both sides – Americans who are researching their Irish heritage and Irish interested in relatives who emigrated. People looking to the past to uncover where their family came from, and others wondering where their family went. At some point the paths converge. At that point, people are searching for a connection.

The Irish in America offers more than simply a place to come and read about Irish settlements in the United States, or learn about new online archival collections. Aine’s sister, Regan, joins her in offering a complete range of family history research services to Americans searching for Irish roots and Irish looking for American connections. Aine and Regan are excited to take things a step further in 2013, when they unveil Family History Tours in Ireland. Stay tuned for more information!

Take a look around the site. Let Aine and Regan know if they can help you get started on your family history research. The experiences of the Irish in America are as diverse as the reasons they left Ireland in the first place. With The Irish in Americayou can navigate the complex relationship between the two countries and the descendants of those who left and those who remained in Ireland.

If you have any questions about our Research Services, the blog, or the Irish in America, please send us an email. We would love to hear your story.

The Irish in America is a division of Archival Solutions, LLP, a historical research and archival services firm based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The Irish in America is a member of the National Genealogical Society, Irish Genealogical Society International, Association of Professional Genealogists, Minnesota genealogical Society, and state and local historical societies throughout the United States.

At one time or another, emigration has touched most Irish families.  Aine and Regan are Irish-Americans. Their ancestors left Ireland and began new lives, had their own families, but to family who stayed in Ireland, theses people are aunts and uncles who left home and are forgotten.  Although Aine and Regan are most certainly not in the psychology of Irish emigration, they are passionate about the Irish in America. Why not get started researching your family’s story?

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Aine, Thanks for stopping by my blog and the follow. Hope that you found something of interest. Look forward to seeing more from you, :-)

  2. Just wanted to let you know about a new, online, interactive world for kids to learn Irish that will be launched in 4 weeks! Everything is in Irish! There is a school, a theme park, a clothes shop and a food shop. Kids learn Irish, Maths, Geography and Science in the school all through Irish and then get to play on the rides in the theme park and buy clothes and food for their avator that they have created!

  3. I am looking to find family of Catherine (McLoughlin)Dempsey, born 1887 in Clooncalliga, Moylough, County Galway, Ireland. She had two brothers(Martin, born 1881 and Thomas 1883) and one sister(Mary McLoughlin, born 1878). Their parents were Margaret Clancy, married Michael McLoughlin in 1878. Catherine and her daughter(name unknown) visited Ireland in the 1960’s. Margaret (Clancy)Mcloughlin died on the 24/10/1931, aged 71years, and is burried in the graveyard in Moylough. I have been working hard to trace the surviving members of this family and would be really grateful if anyone that knows them would get in contact with me, Margaret (Clancy)Lynch, by contacting me at

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  5. Margaret – I have been away on vacation, so I will look into this when I get settled. You have some good information – I will see what I can come up with by searching the US Census. I will be in touch…

  6. I would like to know where my mothers cousins or any relations to the Coady family from the Cull Duncormick Wexford James Coady was born about 1882 and his wife Mary Goff in1890 I think they lived in Cressen Pitsburgh .Had 3 daughters Catherine, Eleanor and Margaret

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