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Family History Research

Part genealogist, part private investigator, The Irish in America puts a unique spin on Irish family history research. While we offer traditional genealogy services to our American customers hoping to trace their roots in Ireland, The Irish in America will also turn the tables and help Irish people find their American relatives, the descendants of those who emigrated.

Whether your cousins are Irish or American, The Irish in America can help you find them! Visit our Services section for details on how to get started.

As trees grow, their roots dig deeper and branches reach farther. The same is true for our family trees and connecting with living relatives should be as important as filling in the names of those who have gone before us.

That’s our goal: Use the information gathered with genealogy and family history research to connect with living relatives. We take the past to the present and bring Irish and Americans together.


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5 thoughts on “Family History Research

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  4. “Beat the Yanks to the punch…find them before they find you!”

    Haha very good. Just discovered your blog and its very well written. All signed up to follow and looking forward to your posts! Have a great weekend. :)

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