The Irish in America

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Packing Breather

I need a break from packing.  For the past ten minutes I’ve been staring at the full duffel bag on my bedroom floor and the stack of clothes waiting to (somehow) be stuffed into that full duffel bag.  What stays behind? What can’t I live without for two weeks in Ireland?  I don’t feel equipped to make such important decisions at the moment.

Instead, I want to daydream about my trip.  Several fun events have crept into my itinerary, including the 2012 Ireland Reaching Out Launch at the Loughrea Hotel, Galway Wednesday October 12th at 9pm.  David McWilliams is schedule to speak.  By all accounts the Week of Welcomes was a huge success this summer, so I am eager to hear about their plans for 2012.

My dad has “discovered” another branch of our family.  Some of the folks live very near to where we are staying, so I believe he has another party up his sleeve.  Hopefully it will go as well as our previous attempt at entertaining in Ireland – read the story here.

McCormack Family Gathering: Old Parochial House, Tipperary, 2009

I am excited to meet Elizabeth McEvoy at the National Archives in Dublin.  When I first had the idea for this blog I contacted her to ask if she had many Irish people looking for information on their emigrant relatives.  Elizabeth was very helpful and includes the link to this blog on the National Archives site.  I am most appreciative for the traffic that link provides!

Well, better get back to packing.  No clue where that stack of clothes will end up.  Oh dear, I just remembered about the Minnesota-themed gifts for my Irish friends and relatives in my closet… something’s got to give!

Follow me as I tweet from Ireland: @irish_america on twitter.  Let me know if there is anything I must not miss while I’m there!