The Irish in America

DAY 13: Favorite Irish Saying



What am I up to this weekend? I put doing my taxes on the long finger and now I am almost out of time. For those readers not in the US, the tax deadline is April 15th.

This was a saying my Grandma used all the time to describe procrastination – sometimes her own, but more often that of her grandchildren, and usually with respect to our schoolwork.

Some things never change. Taxes are just the adult equivalent to schoolwork. Wish me luck!


Author: Aine

I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota. My heritage pretty much covers the map of Ireland: great-great-grandparents from Cork (Crowley, Foley, Regan), a great-great-grandmother from Clare (Quinn), a great-great-grandfather from Fermanagh (McMahon) and his wife's parents from Mayo (McAndrew), a great-grandmother from Connemara (Hannon) married to my great-grandfather from Laois (McCormack), great-grandparents from Sligo (Flannery), and a great-grandmother from Kildare (Hill). All of those people ended up in Minnesota, where my four grandparents were born. Three and four generations after my people left Ireland for America, I retain all Irish heritage. So much for the melting pot...

2 thoughts on “DAY 13: Favorite Irish Saying

  1. I had never heard that saying either. My Irish grandmother would say “Lie down with the dogs, get up with the fleas”

  2. I’ve never heard the phrase “on the long finger.” That’s very suggestive. Like you’re pointing out something far away. Or many days away.

    And I do wish you luck!

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