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ETHOS: Tyrrellspass, County Westmeath

I love what’s happening in Tyrrellspass, County Westmeath. I recently received an email from Eugene Dunbar who told me about ETHOS (Everything Terrellspass Has On Show) which is a community based initiative planning an exciting series of  events this year. They are taking a seasonal approach in Tyrrellspass, featuring a new event Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter,  that will explore the local environment in a unique way.

This is a fantastic idea. Today there is so much emphasis on using local products and patronizing local businesses, but it is also important to stop and consider your local environment. There are amazing things hidden in plain sight, just waiting to be explored.

Events kick off this weekend with woodland walks Saturday and Sunday. See below for all the details. Visit the ETHOS blog (click here) to read more about what’s going on in Tyrrellspass. Events are open to local residents and visitors, anyone interested in the history and natural surroundings of Tyrrellspass.

I had the pleasure of meeting Eugene and his lovely family last autumn in Rathdowney, County Laois at our mutual cousin’s wife’s surprise birthday party. He was the party photographer, snapping pictures all night long. Wishing ETHOS and Eugene every success!

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