The Irish in America

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DAY 6: U2

I guess it is predictable for someone of my age, but U2 is my favorite Irish band.

I was twelve-years-old the first time I saw U2 in concert. It was The Unforgettable Fire tour and I went with my Aunt Eeny. My mom said that the only way I was going to the concert was if I found an adult to take me. Eeny was the only adult I could picture at the concert with me. She went to Grateful Dead and Bruce Springsteen shows.

I remember the concert was on a school night and the next day I had my all-so-important written test for Confirmation. I was very rock-and-roll.

Today when I think of U2, I picture the guys as they were in 1984 – Bono with his exaggerated mullet, Adam’s afro, Larry’s spiky ‘do, and The Edge with hair. Ahhhh, the Eighties were magical!

Here’s one of my favorite songs, by one of my Irish faves: