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The Woman Behind Irish Lives Remembered

My sister Regan and I just returned from three weeks in Ireland. It was a great trip with the perfect blend of business, sightseeing, family, and relaxation. In upcoming posts I will share all the details about the fantastic folks we met and places we visited.

Our first stop was Dublin, where we met up with the lovely Eileen Munnelly, the managing director of Irish Lives Remembered genealogy magazine and website. It is great to meet face-to-face with someone you have emailed and tweeted with for months. Within minutes I felt as though I had known Eileen for years. Thanks for the great day in Dublin, Eileen.

With Regan and Eileen at the National Library in Dublin.

The October issue of Irish Lives Remembered Genealogy Magazine is available now. Click here to take a look. This month’s issue features an article by Jayne Shrimpton – Investigating Irish Family Photographs – a crash course in identifying and dating those family photos in your collection.

Ancestors from County Sligo? Turn to page 28 for the special section with an article on tracing your Sligo roots, a story on the Sligo town that died, and information on the Gathering 2013, Sligo-style. And don’t forget to check out my article exploring my great-grandmother’s connection to Manchester, England on page 50.

Click here to view the October issue!


Irish Lives Remembered

Great-grandmother Annie Regan with her geese, 1920.

If you have not yet checked out Eileen Munnelly’s genealogy website Irish Lives Remembered, you really should. And I am not just saying this because I wrote an article for the August 2012 issue of the Irish Lives Remembered Genealogy Magazine!

Irish Lives Remembered is a fantastic site for anyone researching their Irish roots. The website says:

Irish Lives Remembered is a FREE to join Genealogy Community to help you locate your Irish ancestors.

Based in Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland, our business is dedicated to preserving the memory of deceased people of Irish heritage globally by providing a social media based Genealogy website and digital magazine.

The site hosts groups and discussion forums for each of the thirty-two Irish counties and additional special interest groups created by members. For example, I joined the groups for each of the counties from which my ancestors originated, as well as a few specialized groups (Irish in Philadelphia, Irish in the NYPD, Irish in New York). I even started my own Irish in America group.

But there is much more to Irish Lives Remembered than discussion forums. What sets Irish Lives Remembered apart from other Irish genealogy sites is the great attention to detail throughout the site, which results in a truly comprehensive approach to Irish genealogy.

The monthly genealogy e-magazine I mentioned earlier contains useful and entertaining information on a diverse selection of Irish genealogy topics. The August issue alone features articles on Irish convicts in Australia, Huguenots in Ireland, and Irish Jewish heritage, in addition to spotlights on Mayo and Antrim.

The Irish Lives Remembered site also features a section devoted to memorials – biographies on influential Irish individuals in history. The memorials include famous writers, activists, musicians, explorers, politicians, and more. Corresponding memorials appear on the group page for their county of origin. Eileen has included a list of upcoming anniversaries and birthday remembrances, which further connects us to Ireland’s history on a very personal level.

Genealogy is about more than filling in the blanks on your family tree with names, dates, and places. It is about remembering our ancestors as individuals, and when we remember them, we honor them. Eileen and Irish Lives Remembered makes doing both a little bit easier and much more enjoyable.

Check out the latest issue of Irish Lives Remembered Genealogy Magazine here. You can also view and download past issues here.

August 2012 Issue: Irish Lives Remembered Genealogy Magazine